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A-Doc Crew Database

A database of Asian American documentary filmmakers.

The Alice Initiative

Curated shortlists women directors and a curated masterlist of women working as directors in Film & TV.

The Alliance of Women Composers

A directory of women composers for Film & TV.


An equal opportunity platform to elevate women and BIPOC Film & TV professionals created by director Ava DuVernay.

Asian Call Sheet

A directory of Asian American directors compiled by members of the Asian American Committee.

BIPOC Digital Tech Folk

An open source directory of BIPOC editors, tech directors, and digital content producers.

Black Directors, Choreographers and Creatives

An open source directory for Black directors, choreographers and creatives.

Black in Film

A Black filmmaker database and job submission hub to promote the inclusion of Black people in behind-the-camera crew positions.

Black Women Directors Index

A digital library that celebrates Black women and nonbinary filmmakers around the globe.

Brown Girls Doc Mafia 

A directory and network of BIPOC women working in documentary films.

Cinematographers XX

A database of women cinematographers who work in narrative, documentary, commercial films and music video.


A global database of film, TV and new media professionals searchable by demographic, developed and curated by an all-women team.


A directory of women working in audio and sound production.

Film in Colour

A Canadian-based job platform of BIPOC Film & TV professionals including comedians, writers, directors, producers and crew.

Free the Bid

A database of women directors, editors, colorists and composers from around the world.

Free the Work 

A talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators working in Film & TV.

The JTC List

An extensive, searchable database of women of color working in Film.

LatinX Directors

A database and networking platform for Latinx directors in Film, TV and Advertising.

Never Famous

A directory of diverse crew and staff in the entertainment industry.

People of Global Majority Voiceover Artists

An open source directory of non-white voiceover artists.


A platform of women working in Film & TV in front of and behind the camera.

Pro Bono ASL

A collective of both deaf and hearing BIPOC American Sign Language interpreters.

Programmers of Colour Collective 

A collective of BIPOC festival programmers and film curators.


A member-based network of diverse storytellers and creatives in Hollywood.

Staff Me Up

A hiring platform for TV, film and digital media jobs searchable by demographic.


A network of cinematographers and film technicians of color.


A searchable database of BIPOC stunt performers.

The Topple List of Culture Creators

A list of creative storytellers focused on women, people of color and queer people.

The Trans List

A list of transgender actors, singers, directors, composers and crew.

Ujima Entertainment Coalition

A coalition of Black professionals working in post-production.

We For She DirecHER List

An advocacy group focused on women directors working in TV.

Women and Hollywood 

A list of international databases for women in the film industry.

Women in Media Crew List

A searchable database of women and gender non-conforming directors, cinematographers, composers and crew in Film & TV.

Women Independent Producers

A database of women producers based in New York City.


The Amplify Database

A searchable database of more than 800 TV writers of color with recent credits.

Bodies of Work

A directory of writers with disabilities.


An app to connect writers with executives and open up writing opportunities in Film & TV.

FilipinX Television Writers List

A directory of FilipinX TV writers who are part of the Writers’ Guild of America.

Diverse Writers of the East 

A list of BIPOC and women TV writers.

La Lista Latina TV Writers 

A directory of Latina TV writers.

Muslim Writers in Film & TV

An open source directory of Muslim women writers with their Film & TV credits.

LatinX Screenwriters

A list of LatinX screenwriters in Hollywood (not part of the Writers’ Guild of America).

Rainbow Pages: LGBTQ+ Writers

A directory of LGBTQIA writers with details on their film & TV credits.

U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Writers

A list of veterans who are writers with their TV genre and military experience.

WGA LatinX Screenwriters

A list of LatinX writers with recent TV credits.

WGA Native Writers 

A directory of Native American and Indigenous writers in the Writer’s Guild of America.

WGAw Women TV Writers

A list of women & BIPOC writers in the Writer’s Guild of America West interested in work based in the East.



Diverse Representation

A comprehensive database of African-American agents, attorneys, managers and publicists working in the sports and entertainment industry throughout the country.

Hire Black Database 

A database of Black assistants and executives across the entertainment industry.

Colour Entertainment

A non-profit that connects and promotes executives of color in Film & TV.


(live theater professionals with skills & experience that cross over into film & TV)

Asian American Stage Directors

A list of Asian American directors in theater.

BIPOC Theatre Designers and Technicians

A list of theater designers and technicians of Latinx, Caribbean, African, Asian and Arab descent.

Black and Brown Artist Database

A database of BIPOC theater artists.

Black Tour Directory 

A database from Live Nation Urban of tour and production managers, sound engineers, lighting and set designers, stage techs, and tour staff.

Black Femme Theatre Directors

A directory of Black women and female-identified stage directors.

Designers of Color 

A directory of BIPOC of sound, set, hair, costume and lighting designers.

Diverse Dramaturgs

A list of BIPOC dramaturgs.

Diversify the Stage 

A community of BIPOC professionals in live music events and touring organizing internships, mentoring, and masterclasses for youth of color.

LatinX Theater Directors

A list of LatinX theater directors.

Indigenous Artist Network

A list of Indigenous artists, performers, producers and creators.

Latina/o/x Stage Artistic Personnel 

A list of Latinx voice and dialect coaches, choreographers and dramaturgs.

Latina/o/x Stage Manager Database

A list of Latinx stage managers and sound designers.

Medina Theater Collective 

A Chicago-based theater collective dedicated to telling stories about Arab people including South Asian and North African communities.

Noor Theatre’s List of Middle Eastern Theatre Artists

A database of actors, playwrights, directors, designers and musicians of Middle Eastern descent

Ring of Keys

A directory of LGBTQ actors, directors, producers, dramaturgs, dancers, singers, stage managers, sound designers and producers.

Roadies of Color United

A network of BIPOC roadies, production managers, stage managers and others in concert, touring and live entertainment

South Asian Theatre Artists

A list of theater artists from the South Asian diaspora.

T List 

A directory of transgener actors, directors, composers, writers and crew for live stage

Theatre Designers and Technicians of Color

A list of theater artists segmented by Asian Pacific, Black, BIPOC, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ and deaf

The No Excuses List

A list of women and non-binary dramaturgs of color

Trans Theatremakers List

A list of transgender and non-binary scene, costume and lighting designers

We Exist

(Trans Playwrights)

A list of women and trans playwrights from across the globe



A one-stop resource hub to find Black creatives and professionals working in marketing, advertising, PR and the entertainment industry.


A database from Time’s Up designed to diversify critics and journalists and increase representation among women and BIPOC. It allows media outlets, studios and talent to find film & TV journalists and critics from underrepresented groups.

Critical Minded

A grantmaking initiative from the Ford Foundation and Nathan Cummings Foundation to support cultural critics of color in the US. Its goal is to enable writers of color to make their voices heard.


Multicultural advertising intern program working to provide the highest quality and most diverse talent to the advertising industry.

Multicultural Media & Correspondents’ Association

A growing network of BIPOC media stakeholders, advocates and allies working to create more content, get more ownership of it, make more impact, and take more control of BIPOC communities’ stories and when and how they’re told.


These are not directories or databases, but networks and organizations that can connect you with BIPOC candidates for opportunities and consult with you on inclusive storylines; many are non-profits who should be considered when determining distribution of the good-faith donation.

The Black List

(also: The Indigenous List, The Disability List, The CAPE List, The Muslim List, The Latinx List, and The GLAAD List)

Each December, the Black List releases its annual list, a survey of the most liked unproduced screenplays of that year — in an effort to shine a light on extraordinary screenwriting which may have been overlooked.

Black Women Animate

A Black female owned studio and animation house that produces programming for broadcast, cable, streaming networks, digital platforms, and live events. They consciously hire Black women, women of color, and non-binary people of color.


Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment champions diversity by educating, connecting and empowering Asian American and Pacific Islander artists in media. They advance representation in Hollywood by nurturing talent and leadership, consulting on cultural content, and championing projects for box office and streaming success.

Color Of Change Hollywood 

A racial justice organization that consults with writers’ rooms, executives, and creators to help shape accurate and authentic storylines about Black people and the issues that impact communities of color.

The Disruptors 

A fellowship for emerging TV writers of color who identify as trans or non-binary, disabled or undocumented/formerly undocumented immigrants.

Easterseals in Entertainment

An organization that consults with the entertainment industry to change the way people define and view disability and to increase representation of people with disabilities.

Glass Elevator

A free and membership based network and skill sharing forum for professional women in the industry.

Hair Scholars

A Black-led organization offering classes and mentorship for people looking to style hair for film & TV. Focuses on specialty skills needed to succeed on set in Hollywood.

The Hivemind Unified 

A global network and resource hub to share opportunities and help advance the careers of Black, Brown and people of color in the entertainment industry.

Hue You Know

A Black-led online community for BIPOC professionals in media that offers mentorship and employment opportunities to bolster diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging.


A Native-led non-profit working to increase the visibility of Native Nations and challenge the dominant narratives about Native people in American society.

Indigenous Direction

A consulting firm for companies and artists who want to create accurate work about, for and with Indigenous people.

Inevitable Foundation

A foundation working to undo the disability representation gap in film and TV, fund disabled screenwriters, and support stories written by disabled writers and with disabled characters.

Intimacy Coordinators of Color

A network of BIPOC artists promoting inclusive hiring practices, decolonizing productions and intimacy education. They offer consulting, advocacy and trainings.

Maia Directors

A consulting service for organizations and artists engaging with stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

MPAC Hollywood Bureau

Consults on films, TV shows and digital series to creative authentic, nuanced, and inclusive depictions of Muslims and create opporutities for Muslim storytellers.

Muslim American Casting

A casting agency and directory focused on Muslim American actors, models and crew

National Assoc. of Latino Independent Producers

An organization of Latinx filmmakers that promotes professional development for Latinx creators, offering programs like the Latino Lens Incubators and Diverse Women in Media Forum to build a more inclusive on and off screen.

Native Media Strategy

Native American consultants elevating the authentic presentation of Indigenous people in film, TV and mass media.


A grant-making organization working to amplify the leadership, narratives and talents of Muslims in the US with a focus on media, PR and leadership development.

Pop Culture Collaborative

A philanthropic resource and funder community working to transform the narrative landscape in America around people of color, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ and disabled people.


An initiative started by the Sundance Institution and Women in Film to provide research and practical frameworks to mitigate bias during the creative decision-making and hiring process and move towards gender equity in the entertainment industry.

A disability rights group working to fight stigma and promote positive, authentic media portrayals of people with disabilities in TV and film, and create opportunities for them in front of and behind the camera. They have a Hollywood disability inclusion toolkit.

Rise Up Animation

A collective working to increase diversity in animation by providing BIPOC artists with industry advice, portfolio feedback, resume feedback and tools to break into the business.

Sister Circle Media

A community space for Black women in media and entertainment to develop knowledge, build access and community through networking events and mentor programs. They also offer financial, physical, and mental health support.

Speaking of Transgender

A consulting company on transgender issues that’s conducted hundreds of gender diversity and inclusion trainings. They coach executives, train employees, update policies, advise on scripts, production and media rollouts to tell authentic trans stories.

Storyline Partners

A one-stop-shop for film and TV writers. They connect creators with social justice strategists, NGOs, and entertainment industry pros to promote inclusive, culturally resonant, authentic, and nuanced storytelling in popular culture.


A job training, placement and career advancement organization in Los Angeles working to create diversity in the entertainment industry. They help train and match young people and recent graduates with entry level PA positions and move up in the ranks.

Women in Film

An organization advocating for women working in film — to advance their careers, put an end to sexual harassment, achieve parity in the industry and transform our culture.

Women of Color Unite

A full service diversity consultant firm that works with production and finance teams to make content and crews truly inclusive, reflective of the country, and the world.


Land acknowledgements are a way to increase the visibility and fight the erasure of Native peoples. For most Americans, the history we’re taught is a false one that erases the rich legacy and contributions of Native people and purposefully omits the genocide, forced removal, and murder they experienced during colonization. Acknowledging the history of where a production is filmed or a story is set in an increasingly popular way to recognize history.

Find your appropriate land acknowledgements through these resources:

Native Land’s Digital Map

Native Governance Center’s Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

IllumiNative’s Land Acknowledgement Guide


Research Institutes


Geena Davis Institute

A research organization working collaboratively in the entertainment industry to create gender balance, foster inclusion and reduce negative stereotyping of women and LGBTQ people in family entertainment media.

UCLA College Social Sciences

The UCLA department  that releases the Hollywood Diversity Report, an annual series that examines the relationship between diversity and profit in the entertainment industry.

The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film

A research center at San Diego State University dedicated to studies of women in film and TV. Their research provides the foundation for a realistic and meaningful discussion of women’s onscreen representation and behind-the-scenes employment.



In addition to hosting an inclusive hiring database, Crewvie also provides employers with robust demographic data and measurement.


A non-profit collective that specializes in dismantling systemic racism, internal investigations and analysis, consulting on diversity inclusion and leadership development, and interpreting anti-racism commitments through local practices.

IVY Planning Group

A  diversity & inclusion firm that provides award-winning training, facilitation, consulting, and survey & data support for nearly three decades, servicing the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


A confidential tech platform that addresses bias, discrimination and harassment by empowering employees, quantifying systemic issues and improving workplace culture. tEQuitable helps productions identify inequities and work towards accountability.

Yardstick Management

America’s leading Black-owned consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Representation Project 

A global non-profit that uses documentary films, education, and activism to shift the public’s attitudes and behavior around gender norms and inequity to transform culture.

Shifting Culture

A Black-led consulting firm focused on racial and gender equity and preventing sexual harassment. They do DEIA assessments focused on hiring, social media, leadership and Board development; internal climate assessments; and policy and procedure evaluations.


Bäri A. Williams

Bärí is a Black tech attorney, operations executive and strategist — and COO of Bandwagon Fan Club, a data and identity analytics tech company focused on diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility in the sports and entertainment space.

Caroline Heldman

Caroline is a professor of critical theory and social justice at Occidental College in Los Angeles as well as the chair of gender, women and sexuality studies. She specializes in the presidency, media, gender, and race in the American context.

Darnell Hunt 

Darnell is chair of the sociology department at UCLA and director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies. He is a sought-after consultant in Hollywood, advising on how race is portrayed on TV, and co-authored the Bunche Center’s Hollywood diversity reports and Color Of Change’s Race in the Writer’s Room report.

Felice Klein 

Felice is an assistant professor at Boise State University’s department of management. Her research focuses on gender differences in compensation and leadership and how to reduce inequity in the workplace — and has been featured in Fast Company, BBC News and Salon.

Mikki Hebl

Mikki is an applied psychologist at Rice University. Her research focuses on diversity and discrimination. She examines subtle ways in which discrimination is displayed, and how such discrimination is remediated by targets, allies, and organizations.


For a complete, vetted list of DEI trainers, coaches, consultants and evaluators, please see the

#ChangeIndustries Anti-Racist Trainers Directory

Alabi Consulting

A Black woman-led consulting firm that specializes in educational training, community development projects, cultural competency training, and creating local corporate responsibility partnership projects to empower and create lasting change.

Alliance Theatre 

A women-led group that offers anti-bias trainings rooted in theater to help challenge assumptions, acknowledge biases, and establish a culture of equity, inclusion, and justice in our workplaces and lives.

Be The Change Consulting

A one-stop shop for anti-racism trainings for organizations of all sizes. They work with organizations to shift culture and practices through experiential learning, hands-on coaching, curriculum development, and dynamic facilitation.

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative

A Black woman-led arts collaboration focused on art in the service of liberation in Harlem NY. Founded by a poet, choreographer and ritual performance artist, BDAC focuses on using arts and culture to support organizational transformation and elevates Black diasporic performance traditions.

Catalysts for Change Consulting

A Black-led consulting group created to fill gaps that often go overlooked in professional circles. They focus on professional development, facilitating challenging conversations and comms support, rooted in the values of innovation, integrity, and community.

The Conciliation Project

A Black-led group that works with businesses, schools and communities to help in the process of eliminating racial and cultural stereotypes and moving towards justice. They use dramatic work to open an honest dialogue about racism and systems of oppression in America and to repair that legacy.

Partners for Collaborative Change 

An Oakland-based group that helps organizations become more equitable by leading anti-oppression workshops and coaching, and encouraging them to democratize their research planning and design. Follows in the path of bell hooks, Myles Horton, Kimberlé Crenshaw and uses “theater of the oppressed” techniques.

Global Majority Education Consultants and Vendors

A list of BIPOC-led or owned organizations led that work with schools and educational organizations on diversity and inclusion.

Joyful Muse Coaching

A company founded by Black life and energy coach Lucretia Marie Anderson. They provide artist and anti-racist coaching, and offer workshops that inspire, motivate, and encourage all people to thrive.

Kaja Dunn

An actor, director, activist and theater professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. She has consulted on DEIA for Blumenthal Performing Arts, Actor’s Equity Assoc., Spelman College, Emory University, for schools and private corporations — and frequently presents her work on anti-racism and decolonizing theater.

Mom’s Against Racism 

A countrywide member-based non-profit working to unify our parenting skills while teaching anti-racism. They work with education systems, workplaces and youth by advocating for anti-racist practices emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

MRR Consulting 

A Black-led consulting firm focused on improving community relations and intra-organizational communications. They lead workshops and presentations like Culturally Responsive Teaching with Southern Oregon Univ., Equity Building with Live Arts theater, and Building Equity through Community with S. Oregon Education District.

Pat Shiu

Pat is a consultant on diversity and inclusion policies to help organization’s stay aligned with their mission, culture and brand. She served as the Director of Federal Contract Compliance at the Department of Labor under President Obama and also worked at the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center in San Francisco.

Taja Will 

A queer, Chilean adoptee, performer, choreographer, somatic therapist and healing justice practitioner based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities on stolen Dakota lands. Taja is also the Equity & Justice Coordinator at Earthdance Creative Living. Their approach blends improvisation, somatic modalities, text and vocals to explore socio-cultural realities.

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Anti-racist community organizers that have become known for their “Undoing Racism” workshop which helps people understand how racism dehumanizes all of us, and how it can be undone. The organization, which was founded in Atlanta in 1980, has trained more than 2 million people in its work to address structural racism and power ever since.

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